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Award Program


Number of Performances

Composer StatuetteDiane Battersby Memorial AwardPerformances may include a combination of Master Classes and Recitals.

The student will be awarded a composer statuette after completing three performances during a given school year.  Each new school year will feature a specific composer.  Upon completing six or more performances, the student will receive the Diane Battersby Memorial Award (trophy).


Senior Plaque

Senior PlaqueA plaque is awarded to a High School senior who has studied for a minimum of three years with a PVMTA member.  The student must be an active participant in PVMTA student events during their senior year or have been a regular participant in the preceding years.  This is a performance participation award and not related to any achievement level.


Achievement Levels

CertificateA certificate for a given achievement level will be awarded to students who perform from memory a minimum of two compositions selected from at least two of the historical periods indicated below.  A composition that meets similar technical and musical standards as those suggested for each achievement level will also qualify.




Early Intermediate




Late Intermediate


Early Advanced




Young Artist


J.S. Bach Award

J.S. Bach AwardsThe J.S. Bach Award for a given achievement level will be awarded to students who perform a composition at a PVMTA Recital from the level categories indicated below.