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Recital Etiquette

What is a recital?

This is a formal occasion, in a beautiful setting, where teachers, students and parents come together to celebrate the success of these young people, and to listen to their performances.  We are attentive to all students and all are welcomed enthusiastically by enthusiastic applause before they play, and again following their performance.  Please plan to stay for the entire concert.

What is expected of the student?

The student should dress as they would for any formal occasion.  Shirt, tie and slacks are acceptable for boys, NO SNEAKERS; a dress or skirt for girls, NO NAIL POLISH.  The student should approach the piano, take a bow (not a curtsy!), sit comfortably, play, and take another bow at the completion of their selections.  The first bow is to acknowledge the audience and the second bow is to thank the audience for listening.  Students should stay in their seats for the duration of the recital. 

What is expected of the audience?

Parents and guests should remain in their seats and listen to all students, welcoming them to the platform and showing their appreciation of all performances with enthusiastic applause.

The following behavior is unacceptable:

Cell phones and other devises are a distraction and should be turned off upon entering the hall.